Do Business And Ethics Go Hand In Hand?

The Shining Gem

All of us have been involved in some sort of business, be it owning and operating an enterprise, studying at a particular college/training institute or working for a company (which is essentially a business owned by someone else). Since businesses and corporations, no matter how big or small, form such an important and integral part in our lives, it is only imperative of us to involve our own morality into consideration into the work place.

In this write up, the point of view discussed will be from the perspective of a business owner, which can be extrapolated to the employees. So, first of all, let us explore what happens when your business is an ethical one.

  • Ethics make you stand out of the crowd. If in the business world you are known for your strong moral values, shady characters are less likely to approach you. As such, your respect in…

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